About us

i-Brilli is an online business and legal document generating platform that provides assistance to users to create their documents in accordance with their needs. We are led by a highly respected group of senior business executives, lawyers and IT Professionals.

Our mission is to ease the difficulty encountered by entrepreneurs in preparation of documents. We believe that cost and time can be optimised if the necessary documents can be accessed and prepared instantly. We also offer a ready-for-use cloud-based document retrieval and storage solution to our clients.

We strive to help you build business and quality legal documents that suits your needs, from estate planning, setting up a business to building up joint ventures and many other aspects in common business operations.

i-Brilli is an information technology company. We are not a law firm and do not give legal advice. But our platform will help you deal with your needs and better work with your lawyers when it is necessary.

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We offer a range of exciting and diverse career opportunities in various areas, such as information technologies, operational management, distribution and a full spectrum of corporate management. Please click on the link below to find a position that matches your experience and career ambitions.