Q:   How are the documents compiled?

A:   The documents are compiled by our appointed lawyers.

Q:   What types of payment do you accept?

A:   We accept payments by PayPal.

Q:   Is i-Brilli a law firm?

A:   No. i-Brilli is an online platform that provides assistance to users to create their documents in accordance with their preferences. i-Brilli is not a law firm and does not act as lawyers or provide legal advice.

Q:   Is the e-Will from i-Brilli legally valid?

A:   As soon as you print out your will created on our website, and sign it in front of two non-beneficial witnesses, it becomes a valid legal document.

Q:   What does your platform provide?

A:   We offer over 70 practical documents for SMEs. Once you signed into your account, you can have access to different categories and subcategories of documents for business use.

Q:   Is the payment process secure?

A:   Payments are processed by PayPal with the latest encryption technology to protect customer data.

Q:   Should I consult with a lawyer if I have questions about the template?

A:   You should seek legal advice either from our appointed lawyers or lawyer of your choice in case you have questions about a certain document.

Q:   How long does it take to complete a template?

A:   The time required may vary between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the complexity of the document. For example, a purchasing agreement needs around 5 inputs from the users; whereas preparation of a e-Will may take longer because allocation of assets may not be straightforward.

Q:   What would happen when there are changes in policy or legislation?

A:   Customers will be notified by email when there is a major change to the legislation and the relevant template will be updated accordingly. These updates are free for our registered subscribers.

Q:   Is i-Brilli based in Hong Kong?

A:   Yes. Our headquarter is in Hong Kong. Our team of professional creative innovators are here to serve you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through email, telephone call or live chat.

Q:   What file format is a completed document?

A:   You can download our documents if you have a finished customization in accordance with your preferences. All of our documents are delivered in PDF format to protect the integrity of the clauses and information. We do not provide our documents in Word or HTML format. If you wish to make amendments or include additional clauses to your documents, we recommend you to consult a lawyer.

Q:   Documents available for SMEs

Hiring and Human Resource

i) Letter of employment

ii) Non-disclosure Agreement for employees

iii) Outsourcing work/ engaging services

iv) Documents in relation to employee’s

Company Secretarial Documents

i) Calling of meetings

ii) Board resolution

iii) Change of shareholdings

iv) Appointment of Proxy

v) Standard Board Minutes

Protection of intellectual Property Rights

i) Protection of confidential information

ii) Infringement

iii) Grant of license to use copyrighted materials

iv) Protecting your confidential information

Debt Collection and Trade Disputer

i) Demand Letters

ii) Notices

iii) Assignments of rights

iv) Settlement of disputes

And many more!

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