i-Brilli services reach extensively to Small and Medium Entrepreneurs who needs popular legal and business documents in the course of common business operations. We offer a wide range of selections of different legal documents that you can choose from.

For entrepreneurs, we have forms and agreements designed to assist with the most common situations that business owners face. We have documents for business, purchases, sales, transactional agreements, and other finance related affairs. You will be able to create business and legal documents in minutes.

For individuals, we have an easy to use and intuitive tool for estate planning. You can easily write a customised Will through our online platform. This is a complete tailor capable template for your needs.

For financial professionals, we also offer a professional users’ subscription of our e-Will. You can professionally help your clients in customising their assets and bequests arrangements.


1 Pick your document

a) If you know exactly the document you need, you can start it right the way.

b) If you are uncertain about which document that might be needed, our search engine can help by filtering with key words.

c) If you still need further assistance in relation to the document, you have the option to be connected to our dedicated relationship manager. If you need legal advice, we can also refer you to a lawyer, who would advise you separately.

2 Create your customised copy

Just follow and complete our step-by-step guided questions on our platform, your customised document will be completed in a flash.

3 Final

Now you can use our online tools to download, cloud base store, send or print your documents