Financial Professional

Individual HK$3,000 per e-Will

Why do I need a Will?

A Will can help you to decide how your estate will be distributed. You can also create a new Will to take into account changes that happen in many lifetime circumstances such as status change of a beneficiary or your marital status.

Our e-Will can allow you to easily distribute your assets to your beneficiaries or appoint an executor(s) with confidence.

SME HK$15,000 per year

Why subscribe to i-Brilli?

Save your time and money as you can just lift your fingers anywhere or anytime and your document shall be ready in minutes.

Lower cost for SMEs, there are more than 70 legal documents on i-Brilli which are prepared by professional lawyers for our SME clients with unlimited usage.

Hassle-free from records and filing as SMEs can also save on our Amazon cloud storage for internal records during the subscription period.


Unlimited access to 70+ documents during subscription period

50MB free cloud storage

3 complimentary consultations or tasks provided by qualified lawyers. We negotiated with law firms for our members to have up to 3 one-hour consultations or re-drafting of documents generated on our platform within the 12 months subscription period free of charge (subject to participating law firms' terms and condition)

Financial Professional

Why do you need e-Will for your clients?

Financial Professionals can help your clients customise your assets and bequests arrangements. Eliminating uncertainties regarding your client's Will by creating the appropriate legal forms to ensure your clients' wishes could be carried out.

Therefore, we offer professional users' subscription packages to financial professionals to serve your clients as one of your tools for financial planning.

Packages starting from HK$3,000 to HK$10,000.

For details of our packages, please contact our sales team or call +852 2658 0505